Admissions Procedure

Those interested in applying for admissions should contact the Millennia Education Institute (MEI) directly by calling (626) 380-0218 or completing the form to the right.

Applicants must:

  • Be interviewed by an admissions rep.
  • Complete an enrollment agreement & pay the enrollment fee.
  • Submit the required information to determine qualifications.

Admission Requirements:

  • All applicants must furnish the Millennia Education Institute (MEI) with a high school diploma or GED, a current form of ID with photo, and a letter of recommendation from an employer, previous teacher or instructor or other individual not related to you. If you will be requesting a course waiver, transcripts will be required.



  • For RN’S/LVN’S:               Current CALIFORNIA LICENSE to practice                                  
  • For PCT’S:                          HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or 2-Year College Diploma
  • Meet Health standards Requirement: Physical examination, Lab report for Hepatitis B. and TB test or Chest X-Ray
  • Valid CPR certificate
  • Valid Malpractice Insurance

**We can provide CPR classes free with your registration